about us
Our History

In 1965, a music group called,

Rick, Ginger & The

Good Company just wanted to make a little music and make folks happy.

Eventually, their young daughter Kelly joined them on stage and soon this family affair became one of the most popular top 40 acts in Southern California.

By the early 80's we became one of the largest event companies always remembering the core value that every event deserves our finest service.

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To create magic, beauty,

and FUN, while being environmentally friendly, so our clients can have peace of mind and enjoy their events.

A Unique Approach

We come from an entertainment and production background, so when our  artists, designers, and technicians come together to help you create an event, you can expect outside-the-box thinking and so much more.


We know what it takes to mesmerize an audience and make magic happen.

Our Mission

Kelly Corsino

Owner + Chief Visionary

Sue Elliott Content Strategist + Storyte

Sue Elliott

Content Strategist

John Gilles_Designer_OnPurposeEvents_edi

John Gilles

Lead Designer

Austin Yarnton Director Of A_V_edited.jp

Austin Yarnton

Director Of Audio Visual

Ken Russell Art Director.jpg

Ken Russell

Art Director


Brad Billions

Stage + Lighting Director

Kelly Corsino-HEADSHOT1.jpg

I love creating magic.

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the looks of sheer delight on the faces of full-grown adults as they come into an event that my team has created. We thrive on making magic.

And… we remain ever-mindful of why we’re creating each event in the first

We know that’s it not enough to “just” create memorable experiences. Every event has a purpose: a mission to be accomplished. That’s why every choice that my team and I make on your behalf as we create your event, is dedicated
to fulfilling that purpose.

We are also a green-certified company committed to cleaner and greener event productions which include repurposing viable food that is leftover and having it brought to nearby shelters to help the less fortunate. Best of all, we are able to do all of this while bringing the best of the best to your event!


My team and I are very excited about creating events for you that are On-Purpose!


Kelly Corsino

President + Chief Visionary


Meet Our Team
A Note From The President