Conventions and Conferences

How Do We Do Conferences + Corporate Retreats?

We have a very unique skillset when it comes to conferences and retreats. The artistry involved in creating the kinds of events that enliven guests and leave them feeling delighted rather than drained is something we pride ourselves on being able to deliver for you.

Do You Need An Event Producer?

If you don't have an in-house event team that is specifically on staff for events and conferences, that means that some of your employees are going to be tasked with the monumental job... and since it isn't their forté, there is a lot of room for problems to arise.

Now imagine handing that job over to a pro who does it all the time...


What Do We Actually Do For you?

Here is the shortlist of what we can do:

  • Concept + Storytelling to reflect and enhance your brand

  • Venue procurement

  • Show flow and logistics

  • Entertainment and speaking pros

  • Branding of programs and take-aways

  • An event specific website

  • Technical direction for presentations and galas

  • Live stream

  • Tutorials and coaching for anyone presenting remotely; which includes guidance on lighting, sound and platform navigation to create a totally pro experience even from the tech challenged on your home team presenters!

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