How To Make A Tent Into A Legit Venue!

Updated: Mar 3

Sometimes a tent is your only option, but that doesn't mean you have to feel like your "settling" for something less than a traditional brick and mortar venue NO!

We create amazing venues inside of tent spaces. When done right, it can feel like being transported into another world!

For example when the Pasadena Tournament of Roses asked us to transform a clear span tent for their 3,000 VIP Guests at the BCS football game at the Rose Bowl, three words came to mind...


Our road trip themed venue had "pit stops" from Baja California all the way to San Francisco!

Our event designers, set builders, caterers, stage and lighting team as well as some really unique entertainers made each stop a totally immersive experience.

We even managed to score real road tape to create the winding road inside the venue, and had some fun and sexy "cops" there to "arrest" people for infractions like, walking on the wrong side of the road, or walking too slowly. All in good fun of course.

And just to be sure everyone could be sure to find their way to all of the goodies, we created a souvenir road map!

What was that...? Highlights you say, why yes, here ya go!