• Kelly Corsino

How To Make A Tent Into A Legit Venue!

"I want to have an elegant affair and I think a tent is the perfect venue" said no one ever...

And yet, we have transformed venues into everything from elegant affairs, to exciting, interactive venue spaces.

In 2010, we produced a road trip themed, interactive tent venue that had "pit stops" from Baja California all the way to San Francisco! We laid down thousands of feet of legit Caltrans reflective lane tape to create a "road," and each "stop" had its own music, food a set design to mimic a Disneyland approach to make guests feel as though they had been transported to another land. Of course, our lands came with signature cocktails (sorry Mickey).

Our client was the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, an organization steeped in tradition, and every four years, it was their honor to host 3,000 Guests for a VIP Tailgate event at the Rose Bowl before the BCS football game.

Of course, it was the "unofficial" challenge to outdo any other BCS VIP tailgates from the past three years hosted by other organizations as the game toured the US to four rotating stadiums.

Our event designers, set builders, caterers, stage and lighting team as well as some really unique entertainers made each stop a totally immersive experience right down to bringing in sexy "cops" to "arrest" people for infractions like, walking on the wrong side of the road, or walking too slowly. All in good fun of course. Our "skater girl" was a big hit as she had guests whipping her around and the "hooper girls" were dressed in rival team outfits and had the fans cheering for their team as the girls defied physics with their world class hula-hooping stunts and tricks.

We made sure to give a lot of love when it came to sponsorship branding without making the guests feel like they were being advertised to; such as the Grey Goose Metro Lounge where guests could sit at a sleek bar with LED lit frosted plex panels and furniture that was white, leather and chrome.

Our beer sponsor was an up and coming small batch brewery called Lagunitas and we gave them prime real estate in the garden outside the tent and named it the Lagunitas Beer Garden.

This event was Certified Green with compost-able and recyclable serving wear as well as our commitment to deliver all viable left over food to local shelters by partnering with the Food Savers Organization.

And just to be sure everyone could be sure to find their way to all of the goodies, we created a souvenir road map!

This event was such a hit that we were asked to produce it again for the last BCS Championship game in history for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses in 2014.

Here are some highlights from the 2010 event!

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