• Kelly Corsino

Why We Gather

What makes an event great? why that is important to us as people and how we can make the world a little bit kinder, better and more fun by knowing how great events are achieved.

For thousands of years, we human folks have been gathering to celebrate, commemorate and, (forgive the horrible rhyme scheme) facilitate connection.

Each generation puts their own signature on the events that will become some of the greatest memories of their lives. Everything from fancy attire to food and traditions become indelible watermarks that say, "we were here for an important moment together."

One thing common to all of these gatherings is that when it goes well, it taps into one of our deepest needs; the need to belong.

Hard Wired For Connection

It's only human to want to feel seen, appreciated and occasionally, celebrated.

Call it what you like, tribe, associates, partners, family; our unique ability to collaborate is beautifully expressed when the purpose is about connection.

The memories lift our spirits afterwards as we pour through photographs, videos and social media comments.

But what makes the difference between an event that simply happened and another that is transformational for so many of its guests?

Life Changing Gatherings

I am completely fascinated by the science of a great party.

Which music for this particular crowd? Live band or DJ? Jazz ensemble for the cocktail hour or obscure vinyl cuts from the 70s?

The food, the drink, the venue, the decor, these things, in the right proportions and order, somehow, magically transform people into connecting, memory making virtuosos.

Stories are shared. Laughter and even tears are sometimes shed.

As an event planner, I have seen first hand how life changing a great event can be for people and organizations.

The two key questions I ask all of my clients are "Why are you having this event and what do you hope people will feel and remember from it?"

What To Do...

How about we open this bad boy up for discussion?

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect about creating a memorable event?

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- Kelly Corsino is an event industry expert with over 40 years in the business.

Her company On Purpose Event Pros is a Women Business Owned and Green Certified Enterprise with a commitment to World Changing Events

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